Frequently Asked Questions

What is EJoyCity?

EJoyCity Canada provides a service for ordering and sending cakes, flowers, chocolates, desserts and gifts online. This platform allows customers to choose from top local shops. In addition, EJoyCity handles the delivery for all the shops. You must order online to take advantage of this service.

Does EJoyCity provide customer protection?

EJoyCity will withhold the payment from the shop until the delivery is completed and customer is satisfied with the product.

Are the products fresh?

Typically, the bakery shop requires one business day's notice so that they can ensure freshly baked products on the delivery or pick up date. Flower shops always ensure they deliver fresh-cut, budding and ready to bloom flowers.

How can I find shops with lower delivery fees?

In most cases, the deliver fee will be lower if the delivery location is closer to the shop. Simply go to the Home tab and enter the destination postal code in the search function and click Search to find the closest shops

Can I order my cake one week in advance?

Of course, in fact you can pre-order 28 days in advance. Some of the promotion prices will only last few days, so get your order in before the promotion ends

what's the cake message length? Would like a bigger size cake?

Cake message is always free. However, please keep the message short because bakery couldn't fit a lengthy message on the cake, usually is about 3-5 words. When you add a cake to the shopping cart, you can select other cake sizes. If you still can not find the cake size you want, Please see below on how to make special orders.

None of the shops deliver to my area, what can I do?

You can make a special order. Please see below on how to make special orders.

Same day delivery available?

Yes. Please see below on how to make special orders.

Does EJoyCity store my credit card information?

No. In fact, credit card processing is done on either PayPal or Moneris website.

How do I use EJoyCity?

* On the home page, input your Postal Code or select the City from dropdown menu

* Click Search, then choose the shop you want to order

* Select Pick-up or Delivery

* If you didn't enter a postal code initially, you are required to enter postal code to determine delivery fee

* Select the items you want by clicking on the + button

* All the items you added will appear on the right side of the shopping cart

* When you're done, click Check Out

* Select your delivery date and time

* If you're already logged in, your delivery address or customer information will be populated, which you can review and proceed. Otherwise, fill in your delivery or customer information

* Select your payment option and complete the order

When will my order be ready?

Every shop processes their orders differently. However, in most cases bakery shops would require one business day's notice. For example, you order a cake during today's business hours, then your order will be ready the next business day. However, if you order a cake after business hours, then your order will be processed the next business day and you will receive your order the following business day.

What are the delivery hours?

* Morning: Typically from 9:30am-1:30pm

* Afternoon: Typically from 12pm-4pm

* Night: Typically from 6pm-10pm (Extra fee will apply)

* Sometimes these hours may not be available, depends on the shop open and closing hours

What are the payment method?

* Cash: You will pay cash upon delivery or when you pick up your order

* Credit card/Paypal: You will pay for your order in advance

* If your order is over $40, you cannot pay by cash

Is EJoyCity safe?

Yes, credit card and personal information is transmitted by SSL directly to a secure electronic vault. In fact we use Moneris platform for credit card processing who is Canada's leading payment processor and your credit card transaction will done on their platform.

How does refunds work?

You should deal directly with the shop that you ordered from since each one will have their own refund policy. In the majority of the cases, if your order has been processed, the shop may charge you a 50% cancellation fee.

How do I make a special order?

You can email your order to, make sure to put "Special Order" in the subject, plus indicate the delivery location and dates.